Activities of the Seismological Laboratory

  During the last 60 years the Seismological Laboratory has greatly contributed to scientific advances in the field of Seismology in Greece. In the course of its activities over the years, a better understanding of the seismicity, seismic hazard and seismic risk of the area of Greece was accomplished. Several local seismic networks were deployed, monitoring the seismicity and determining the seismotectonic regime of certain seismogenic areas.

  Moreover, applications of theoretical seismology to Greek data resulted in revised and/or local seismic intensity and seismic energy attenuation laws and in the determination of seismic source parameters for a large number of earthquakes At the same time, a large number of microzonation studies aiming at the mitigation of seismic risk was performed. In recent years, major advances were also made in the field of engineering seismology, mainly due to the application of dynamic, seismic, electromagnetic and magnetotelluric methods.

  Emphasis is given on the application of modern methodologies, i.e. seismic and geoelectric tomography, high-resolution reflection including shear waves reflection, etc. The Laboratory welcomes a large number of physics and geology undergraduates, pursuing post-graduate studies in the field of Seismology, thus contributing to the education of the young generation of scientists.